Today I gave a talk “Our answer to Uber” at United Dev Conf, Minsk. Slides could be found at slideshare. In my talk I attempted to make a review of Uber’s notes and summarize community efforts to overcome highlighted shortcomings.

United Dev Conf is quite big IT conference with more than 700 attendees. I’d like to notice that interest in PostgreSQL is quire high. The room was almost full during my talk. Also, after the talk I was continuously giving answers to surroundings in about 1 hour.

I think that Minsk is very attractive place for IT events. There are everything required for it: lovely places for events, good and not expensive hotels, developed infrastructure. Additionally Belarus introduces 5 days visa-free travel for 80 countries, and that made conference attendance much easier for many people. It would be nice to have PGDay.Minsk one day.